Fixed Network


With the development of cloud computing, IoT, and 4K video industry chains, the fixed broadband industry has entered a new round of rapid development. Carriers have put full-service operations, 4K ultra-HD video, and SDN at the core of their business strategies. Globally, fixed broadband has become a focal point for investment in the ICT industry.

In the construction of ultra-broadband networks,full-service operations featuring FMC have become a business strategy for many carriers and end users seek an inspired experience.

Users' continued pursuit of a better experience calls for the vertical integration of network infrastructure and Internet content. In 2014, upgraded FMC to FMC2.0—which incorporates FBB, MBB, and content—to help carriers build full-service networks that deliver an optimal service experience. As a result, carriers have not only improved their competitiveness and customer loyalty, but also achieved sustainable and profitable growth through content control.

Fixed Network Solutions

Fixed Network Single OSS

  • FTTx O&M Solution
  • Visualized IP O&M Solution

Transmission Network

  • Simplified Network Solution
  • UMTS Dual-HD Experience Solution
  • Macro Cell Microwave Backhaul Solution
  • C-RAN WDM Fronthaul Solution
  • Fronthaul Microwave Solution
  • Agile IP Longhaul Microwave Solution