Wireless Network


IIn the MBB era, Kss Wireless Network continuously focuses on providing solutions as well as providing the best end user experience. Based on their leading SingleRAN products and solutions, KSS proposes its systematic “Software Defined Network (SDN)” solution. With the realization of SDN architecture, frequency and radio frequency channels, mobile operators can benefit from simplified mobile network deployments, reduced TCO (total cost of operation) and enhanced network efficiency.

Recently, KSS narrowed its focus on the “User Experience" and renamed its network deployment evaluation from KPI (key performance indicator) to KQI (key quality indicator). With End to End solutions which include PS, RAN, OSS, SingleSON, KSS is committed to deploying the mobile network that offers the best user experience.

Wireless Network Solutions


  • GU Modernization Solution
  • Lean GU900 Seamless Coverage Solution


  • VoLTE Provides Optimal Voice Experience
  • Smart CAPEX FMC Solution


  • 6 Sector Capacity Enhance solution
  • UMTS Dual-HD Experience Solution
  • UMTS Best Voice Solution
  • Lean GU900 Seamless Coverage Solution
  • GU Modernization Solution